Make Each Day Special

I Am, two powerful words! With these two words, you can bless or hinder your future. What you focus on grows! Words and thoughts are like seeds. Once planted, they take root and start to produce fruit in our lives. However, the universe is unable to distinguish between negative and positive seeds. One effective strategy to rewrite and counteract unproductive messages that can sometimes invade the mind is to affirm what you truly desire.

Dr. Maya Angelou said, "Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!" Over the next seven days, why not try something new? Greet each day by affirming the positive. Allow these affirmations to become a part of your daily self-talk, meditations, prayers, or journaling.

To get the most from your affirmations:

  • Be consistent. Align your words, thoughts, and actions.

  • Create an I AM affirmation board where you can see and refer to them often.

  • Get creative and make some affirmation cards using photos and old magazines.

  • Repeat your affirming statements throughout your day.

  • Create a video or audio recording. Hearing your voice and seeing yourself is empowering.

  • Replace the words I AM with your name. (Your name)__________ is bold, beautiful, and blessed.

  • Start a morning affirmation circle with friends & family (iron sharpens iron).

Keep your words and thoughts elevated. You have the power to change your life by changing how you think and speak about yourself. Do what you can to make each day extraordinary.

Soul-Filled Sunday

I AM making choices that honor my highest good. I choose faith over fear.

Mindset Monday

This is a new day. I greet today with refreshed eyes and a rejuvenated mind. I AM redefining how I see my life, my circumstances, and the world.

Two-Steps on Tuesday

I AM moving forward. My daily experiences are leading me towards success.

Wellness Wednesday

Today, I am looking for what is going well in my life. All is well.

Thriving Thursday

I AM creating space for love, peace, and joy. I AM doing what I love with consistency, excellence, and positivity.

Feel Good Friday

I AM surrounded by radiant people who love and support me.

Self-Care Saturday

I AM nourishing my mind with superior thoughts, my body with quality food, and my soul with healing words. My life is a beautiful story. I am always learning, growing, and discovering new possibilities.

Have blessed week,

La Vonne A. Weaver

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