Keeping Your Head Up During a Pandemic

Updated: Jan 21

Does the pandemic have you feeling like things can't be done? Do you feel like the pandemic is in the way of everything?Trust me, I feel the same exact way. At times I find myself just wanting to lay around in self pity & let the days pass me by. But!! But that just can't happen. We have children to care for. House chores to get done (because we know the kiddos and men aren't doing it 🤣). Bills to pay. Jobs to do from home and everything else we do on a normal basis prior to covid. But how do we get it done?

We get it done because we know that it won't get done otherwise of course. But how do we keep our heads up during trying times? Some say faith right? That's what it is for me. Faith that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Faith that my higher power has my back no matter what. Faith that I am strong. Faith that I am available and willing to make the best out of my day. Faith that no one can take my joy. Faith that there will be better days. Faith that this too shall past. Faith that we will get that new job coming our way! Faith that our side hussle will help until better things come along. Keep your head up high and speak the good into existence! It's coming! Have faith!

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