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What We Do

Children of Angels offers support to those who are grieving & coping with the loss of their parent(s) and/or close loved one, while providing tools to help them with everyday tasks. We come together as a group once a month to discuss our feelings and learn new techniques to help us through the grieving process. We engage in different activities & outings with each other. These activities & outings together build & create relationships with our members that go beyond our group sessions.

new logo 2020.png
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About Children of Angels

Children of Angels is a support group that was created by Tiffany Mason in 2017 for those who are grieving the loss of one or both parents. Tiffany started the support group as an outlet to express her feelings & emotions related to the loss of her parents.


In August 2007 Tiffany's mother passed away when she was 19 years old after years of battling different medical illnesses. Her father later passed away a month before her 27th birthday in May of 2015.


The loss of her parents triggered a lot of mental health & physical health issues. Experiencing depression & suicidal thoughts, she sought therapy. Realizing that others must be experiencing these feelings, Tiffany decided to start a support group. The first meeting was the day after her father's birthday in November 2017 with a total of 9 guests. COA is a place where you can meet, share stories and learn how to live your life after loss in a comfortable space.


"Helping others through their grief journey helps me walk my own." -Tiffany

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